Aloha Kitchen Las Vegas was opened on October 5th 1998 by Maria Liza Ochiai

With little more than a dream, hard work, and dedication, Liza Ochia opened the first Aloha Kitchen in Oct. 1998.  A Hawaiian themed restaurant infused with her own unique take on the Islands’ most popular dishes.  Expansion would soon follow and now there are four locations throughout Las Vegas and Henderson.  BBQ Chicken Sticks, Kalua Pig Sliders, and Japanese style Honey Toast are a few items on our menu.  Life is always beautiful at Aloha Kitchen. Come check us out. Aloha!

Aloha Kitchen offers excellent benefits and rewarding opportunities, from entry-level positions to management. We have restaurant positions available in all four locations. If you’re interested, please fill up the form below and submit your application.

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